Internship in Mauritius

Advantages of Doing Internship In Mauritius

  • Get Exposure in Ultra Luxurious Properties which spread over in acres of land on coastal region of Mauritius.
  • Language: Mauritian Speak French and Creole language which is totally based on French. Which will help you to acquire good command of another Language which is one of the largest spoken language in the world. Moreover, English is generally accepted as the official language of Mauritius and as the language of government administration, the courts and business.

(Europe / Canada Visa, Weightage on Passport)

  • Affordable Fee
  • Fast Track Visa
  • Weather in Mauritius: It’s never too cold in Mauritius. It’s an island. Its humid in Mauritius and the temperature is mostly between 25-degree Celsius and 30-degree Celsius

Program Details:

Duration: Min 3 Months to Max 6 Months

Visa Process Time:  4-5 Months

  1. Hotel pays a nominal stipend of MUR 11000 to 14000 per month ( Stipend Includes Accommodation allowances)
  2. Total Visa Process
  3. Airport Pick up only provided by IAI
  4. Hotel provides duty meals
  5. Travel and Medical Insurance
  6. Daily Local Transportation will be provided by Hotel
  7. Accommodation excluded however assistance will be given for finding a decent place.

Note: Basic Furnished Accommodation Rent: MUR 3200 to MUR 3500

Hotel Category: 4-5 Star Hotel & Resorts

(Min 100 Room property)

Departments Available:

  1. Food and Beverage Service
  2. House-keeping
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bakery ( depends on availability)
  5. Front Office / Porter ( rare requirements)
  6. Bartender